JOHN  F. ROBBINS  -  Energy Consultant, Passive Solar Home Designer, Energy Instructor

Are you a homeowner, business owner or designer aiming for much lower energy use while doing remodelling, adding an addition or building a new home or building?

Do you need drawings or specifications for a new or remodeled home, an addition or small building which include designs and specs for better built-in energy performance ?

Since 1983 Robbins has guided and assisted customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and elsewhere mostly in Midwest USA to:
   Establish strong, achievable energy and environmental goals
   Design, specify and create drawings focused on achieving energy targets
   Assess and analyze energy use and loads whether heating, cooling or electric
   Assist with selection of products and oversight during construction and installation
   Fine-tune operations and behaviors after occupancy
   Educate and train energy users, project owners and contractors to improve outcomes

Robbins works with owners as well as designers, engineers, contractors and developers, sometimes as primary designer - leading customer meetings, performing energy assessments, producing drawings, offering construction oversight and training.  Other times Robbins assists or consults with others doing those things.  Most Robbins projects over 3 decades have energy goals set by project owners, but Robbins also has experience working within codes and broader energy programs.  Robbins can help you to select and achieve your energy goals, or to track and measure your energy usage whether at home or in your business.  Click on categories below to learn more!

John F Robbins  CEM / CSDP
3519 Moffett Rd
Morning View, KY USA  41063-8748