by John F Robbins  CEM / CSDP

Here's what I offer:

Design, construction drawings & specs for new or remodeled homes & small buildings
    •    Floorplans, elevations, section drawings and contruction details
    •    Better airtightness and insulation specs
    •    Improved moisture tolerance and condensation resistance
    •    Thermal storage where appropriate
    •    Roofs sized for rainwater collection if needed    

Sizing and assessing equipment, appliances & people
    •    Heating, cooling and ventilation (including heat or energy recovery)
    •    Lights, appliances, office equipment and  entertainment devices
    •    Small electronics

Energy analysis
    •    Energy assessments and evaluations
    •    Hour-by-hour thermal analysis for new designs and major remodeling projects  (upto 10,000sf)

    •    Passive solar home and small building design
    •    Solar water heating and solar electric collector and storage sizing
    •    Estimations of solar energy production or reduced conventional usage
    •    Including do-it-yourself and small projects

    •    Courses developed and taught for continuing education providers - all about energy
    •    Consumer presentations on energy and solar

   My office operates off-grid on solar electricity + batteries since Nov 2001
   This is my 2nd home with solar water heating
   This is my 2nd home with a passive solar
   Current home energy use down by 40% while increasing living space by 40%

John F Robbins CEM
3519 Moffett Rd
Morning View, KY USA

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